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  1. The squealing pig was fettered like a convict, and old Boatswain, the coon dog, was tied and howling like a catamount.

  2. The male foxes having access to the entire enclosure might steal the feed for the female coon left at the roots of the den trees.

  3. The coon raiser should secure good dark males and females for breeding purposes, from northern sections.

  4. The draining of swamps and marshes is destroying the homes and breeding places of muskrat and to a certain extent coon and mink.

  5. While the fur of coon and opossum will never be very valuable, yet, as both fur and carcass have a cash value, they will prove greater money makers than many believe.

  6. This means that they grow faster, which is all to the financial interest of the coon raiser.

  7. On top of the wire fence, a sheet of tin roofing about 18 inches wide, should extend around the enclosure, on the inside, to keep the animals from climbing out, for skunk as well as coon can easily climb out of your enclosure.

  8. St. Louis, Louisville and other southern cities being near the coon and opossum producing sections does not offer so good a market.

  9. Coon could not be successfully raised on an island.

  10. Some animals, such as coon and skunk, do not leave their dens during severe weather, so that it is advisable to begin selecting those that are to be killed days and even weeks in advance of the time decided upon.

  11. Coon can be cased but most dealers prefer to have them stretched open.

  12. Skunk and coon are easily tamed and even beaver, otter and mink have become so tame when secured young, that children have safely handled them.

  13. My sons-in-law got a coon treed behind the barn.

  14. How you ever fell for an old he-coon like Joe is something I'll never understand.

  15. The black-snakes are asleep, and there is not a coon or cat living that could climb this spindling maple.

  16. He has a reasonable fear of dogs; no fear at all of cats; and will take his chances any night with a coon for the possession of a hollow log.

  17. I suppose there once were deer and otter in the stretches of wild woodland along the Cohansey; but a fox is rare here now, and the coon by no means abundant.

  18. He say he tole you 'at 'coon ain' got no name.

  19. He started for the fight swinging a club, then drew back ashamed to show any weak sentiment in a coon hunt.

  20. No matter how great the odds or how terribly he is punished, I have never seen a coon lose his nerve or turn his back to run away.

  21. There is another curious habit of the coon which distinguishes him from the bear and from all other animals.

  22. Illustration: "Leaping out of the tree-top and hurling himself into the fight"] Up to that moment none of us had suspected that there was a second coon anywhere near.

  23. Then the bigger coon was on his feet again fighting feebly.

  24. Once, in the early summer, I found a young coon at the foot of a ledge, looking up at a shelf a few feet above his head and whimpering because he could not get up.

  25. Fortunately such troublous times are rare in Mooweesuk's life, and the wilderness coon knows little about them.

  26. We saw it at last, and one of the hunters climbed the tree and tried to poke the coon from his perch with a stout pole.

  27. Had long red whiskers and his hair stood up straight--seed him climb a tree one night and shake a coon out as slick as a whistle.

  28. Up thar they ain't got no money at all 'cept coon skins.

  29. Her owners was Mistress Mollie Fisher and Master Coon Fisher.

  30. They found a pet coon with a piece of chain around his neck.

  31. Mama and grandma said Master Coon and old Mistress Mollie was good to them.

  32. The coon would run across the floor and drag the chain.

  33. I heard em say if Mars Hancock didn't want to give em meat they got tree a coon or possum.

  34. Mrs. Crow has had the blues all day, Billy Rabbit has been very lonely, and even Melancthon Coon was asking what had become of you; he had missed your singing.

  35. One of our favourite sports in those days was coon (short name for raccoon) hunting.

  36. The coon was almost always near the woods, and this gave him a chance of escape.

  37. The dogs were always on the alert, and the moment the coon touched the ground they were on him.

  38. I takes it you're the old he-coon of this yere outfit?

  39. Downstream, on a straight line between the pool where Precious Sue had jumped an almost black coon and the white birch in which she'd bayed it, a line and two hooks were concealed in last year's nest of a song sparrow.

  40. Taking a girl on a coon hunt had brought about this whole mess.

  41. His fur was more disheveled than any proper coon should ever permit, and meticulous as any cat, Old Joe set to grooming himself.

  42. A family of skunks had come to share the bounty, and a little coon that hadn't yet learned the proper technique of harvesting beechnuts made up in enthusiasm what he lacked in skill.

  43. Morning Glory, his pup out of Raw Stanfield's Queenie by Butt Johnson's Thunder, showed every indication of becoming a rare coon hound indeed.

  44. Thunder, next to Precious Sue the best coon hound ever to run the Creeping Hills, couldn't be doubted.

  45. Old Joe had long since learned that he left telltale hairs wherever he rubbed, and coon hairs on a tree are an open book to even a semi-skilled woodsman.

  46. When girls horned in on coon hunts anything could happen and it probably would.

  47. Harky recalled the night Melinda had brought Glory to the coon hunt.

  48. A man has to be 'fore he'll let himself in for all what can happen when he asks a woman to go coon huntin'.

  49. But again fate, or nature, or whatever it may be that plays with the lives of human beings and coon hounds, saw fit to intervene.

  50. Melinda kin go if she wants to, an' I kind of think she will on account she likes coon huntin'.

  51. How did one hand a coon hound, not to mention the mass of coon lore that Mellie had acquired during his sixty-seven years on earth, down to a girl child?

  52. The men who'd always come to his magic sycamore had been happy just to get there, proud of hounds able to track Old Joe so far, and amenable to the idea that neither hounds nor humans could further cope with a coon that was part witch.

  53. Rubber boots were not unknown among coon hunters of the Creeping Hills, but except by a few eccentrics, they were unused.

  54. Old Joe, the biggest, craftiest, fightingest coon in the Creeping Hills, had slept in the hollow sycamore since the frigid blasts of mid-December had draped the hills with snow and locked the ponds and creeks in ice.

  55. There is in this country a variety known as the "coon cat," which is handsome, especially in the solid black.

  56. The Pretty Lady was evidently of Angora or coon descent, as her fur was always longer and silkier than that of ordinary cats.

  57. He had always been content to grow fat and roly-poly right near his own home, and listen to the tales of the great world from Jimmy Skunk and Peter Rabbit and Bobby Coon and Unc' Billy Possum, all of whom are great travelers.

  58. Then the Crow and the 'Coon said so, too, and asked Jack Rabbit why it was.

  59. When Mr. 'Coon heard that he fell back in bed and covered his head and groaned, but not loud enough for Aspetuck to hear him.

  60. Then Mr. 'Coon rose to remark that Mr. Fox was next on the program and would give a little exhibition in light and fancy running.

  61. If the horse gave out or the stream was too turbid to swim horseback, he dismounted and picketing him, swam across, his Bible within his coon skin cap and the cap tied tight beneath his chin.

  62. The coon song was that which his wife had sung to him on one evening he was never to forget; and this night he had recovered its associations.

  63. He began to hum over to himself the words of the coon song which had once been sung on a summer night in an island of Scotland-- "Oh, come out, mah love.

  64. It was a coon song which Stretton was humming over to himself.

  65. For instance, you sang a song last night, Millie, one of those coon songs of yours--do you remember?

  66. An empty gunny sack hung across one shoulder, ready for the coon oysters he would pick from mangrove roots on his way back to his shack.

  67. He had nearly enough shrimp for boiling and for bait, with the prospect of coon oyster stew in the offing.

  68. A coon sitting high on a tree was shot at by several hunters in succession, but still remained in its position.

  69. Captain Scott came along and took aim, whereupon the coon asked, "Who is that?

  70. A coon song in the twilight will break the ground prettily.

  71. Ah, I met a coon beating it down de stairs.

  72. Youse can't hoit a coon by soakin' him on de coco, can you, Sam?

  73. So he trotted along with his nose turned up in scorn because Bobby Coon was afraid.

  74. And with that Bobby Coon backed down out of sight in the hollow-tree.

  75. Unc' Billy Possum and Bobby Coon cut their afternoon nap short and looked on from a safe place in a big chestnut-tree.

  76. He was right in thinking that Bobby Coon was afraid.

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