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  1. On his feet, stretched out under the magisterial table till they joined the jury, a pair of moccasins; on his grizzled head a cowboy hat, set well back.

  2. You see him again and again--as a cowboy in Texas, as a miner or herdsman all through the Far West; you see him cutting lumber along the Columbia, or throwing the diamond hitch as he goes from camp to camp for gold and freedom.

  3. As they entered, a cowboy topped an outlaw mule and the frenzied shrieks of encouragement to the rider drew Horne and Floyd and Turner to look.

  4. The cowboy was miserably penitent on the way home and later announced that he would bet everything he had, inclusive of socks, that Miss Ferrier was the finest girl in town and could lay it over any lady of his acquaintance.

  5. Johnson and the cowboy talked, lolling in the saddle.

  6. A cowboy or a native westerner crooks his elbows and lets them jog.

  7. Shortredge came last, by Johnson's directions, and the cowboy in front turned in the saddle from time to time to ascertain that he followed in safety.

  8. Lafe whispered to a cowboy who wielded a prodpole.

  9. The cowboy merely said: "You stayed a week longer'n we figured on, Buf'lo.

  10. Ability to ride or dexterity with the rope did not win a cowboy a place with the Anvil.

  11. Crackee," said a cowboy to me, "the boss is sure some peeler.

  12. American cowboy ballads show the same device: "I started up the trail October twenty-third, I started up the trail with the 2-U herd.

  13. Lomax's Cowboy Songs and other Frontier Ballads, and Hart's summary of Child's views in Pub.

  14. Yes, but it's cowboy dress, and cowboy life, and cowboy freedom that has given Alec health.

  15. They climbed aboard, and when they had found a seat in the smoker the chief of construction spoke to the ex-cowboy as to a friend.

  16. The ex-cowboy found his sack of chip tobacco and dexterously rolled a cigarette in a bit of brown wrapping-paper.

  17. A man in a wide-flapped hat and cowboy chaparejos, with a revolver on either hip, was crossing the stream on the ice-bridge to scramble up the embankment of the new line.

  18. The whole plan as developed was silly, and I wonder still that Ed Wetherford, who knew 'the nester' and the cowboy so well, should have lent his aid to it.

  19. A cowboy at the washing-sink in the corner suspended his face-polishing and gaped over his shoulder in silent ecstasy.

  20. The cowboy was no longer the undisputed prince of the country fair.

  21. The house was not precisely the palace the cowboy had reported it to be, but it was charmingly decorated, and the furnishings were tasteful.

  22. He had failed utterly to acquire the American idiom, and his attempts at cowboy slang were often amusing--especially to Redfield, who prided himself on being quite undistinguishable in a cow-camp.

  23. He's been here six years, and yet when one of his cowboy friends tells him to 'go to hell' he's surprised and a bit offended.

  24. The cow-boss is raising oats, the cowboy is pitching alfalfa, and swearing horribly as he blisters his hands.

  25. Not till the machine was descending the long divide to the west did a single cowboy come into view to remind the girl of the heroic past, and this one but a symbol--a figure of speech.

  26. As a practical ranger he stood half-way between the cowboy (who was at first the only available material) and the trained expert who is being educated to follow him.

  27. I liked the cowboy life and the careless method of the plains, but I've some girls growing up now, and I begin to see the whole business in a new light.

  28. Then looking up to see the tall cowboy eyeing him with that half humorous smile, he rose and said: "Now we can start doing business.

  29. She wants him to ride," the cowboy explained.

  30. I took him in my hands and assured him that the visitor was welcome, and in a moment little Scotch and the cowboy were side by side gazing at the fire.

  31. At midnight a cowboy came to my camp-fire.

  32. Otherwise he was dressed as a Texas cowboy of the past generation.

  33. Declaring that it would be like old times to sit a cowboy saddle, the big engineer lengthened the girl's stirrup leathers and swung on to the pony.

  34. Genevieve put on the cowboy hat that she had borrowed at the ranch, and sprang up to join him.

  35. As nothing was said about the postmaster's receipt, he could conjecture no reason for the look other than that Gowan was planning to render him ridiculous with some cowboy trick.

  36. When they came down to the horse corral she proceeded to lecture him on the duties of a cowboy and showed him how to hold and throw a rope.

  37. It was the first time that he had walked more than half a mile since coming to the ranch, for he had immediately fallen into the cowboy practice of saddling a horse to go even short distances.

  38. They don't have real cowboy attire like his at an ordinary shorthorn cow town like Stockchute--but I did the best I could.

  39. A cowboy on a restive pony asked what they were waiting for.

  40. Only when he rode into Jason for supplies did he wear his chaps, a bit of cowboy vanity quite pardonable in his years.

  41. The young cowboy had seemed rather nice, until just toward the last.

  42. Near him stood the young cowboy whom she had not expected to see again.

  43. The cowboy didn't want to see Lorry lose such easy money.

  44. The young cowboy was coming back down the street, some part of the car over his shoulder.

  45. A cowboy astride a bay pony asked if Waring were around.

  46. In a moment of inspiration, a cowboy pulled out his jackknife and carved his home brand on the shining case.

  47. As for the other man--she shivered as she wondered what would have happened if the cowboy had not arrived when he did.

  48. The cowboy messenger's manner had not been natural.

  49. The cowboy took the piece of paper, and, spreading it out, glanced at it hurriedly.

  50. The cowboy ran from door to door down the long, narrow hall, calling to the inmates.

  51. Below in the street a cowboy passed jauntily.

  52. A ripple of shots sounded, followed by the shrill cowboy yell.

  53. And she had said "please" when she had asked the young cowboy to let the man go.

  54. Its real splendors, however, came from the most unlikely place in the world—from Otto’s cowboy trunk.

  55. With the cowboy leading, we strung into the pines, and I found myself behind.

  56. And we had for a pacemaker a cowboy mounted on a tireless mustang.

  57. When a cowboy reached Dodge City after six months of constant riding by day and of sleeping under the stars by night, and with wild steers for company, he wanted wickedness in its worst form--such being the perversity of man.

  58. A ringing tale full of exhilarating cowboy atmosphere, abundantly and absorbingly illustrating the outstanding feature of that alluring ranch life which is fast vanishing.

  59. It's a cowboy who has an uphill fight in that worst of all fights--a fight with himself.

  60. The painter looked the cowboy hard in the face, then turned to his master.

  61. Because when the overseer swears at the herdsman, then the cowboy vents all his rage on me.

  62. But the cowboy was of a different temperament, and had been used all his life to act with care and caution.

  63. He wished to fill his friend's glass, but the cowboy placed his hand over it.

  64. The cowboy trotted towards the herd, and soon the hills of Zam, the little acacia wood, and the three tall well poles began to peep above the horizon.

  65. The cowboy made a wry grimace, for peasant lads do not much care for those sort of questions.

  66. But the cowboy doesn't want to clear out just yet.

  67. Now had this cowboy been superstitious he would not have decorated his hat for the third time with the yellow rose.

  68. The cowboy must stand just like that with his hand on the horns.

  69. There he stood, allowing the cowboy to scratch his shaggy forehead, and licking his hand with his rough, rasping tongue.

  70. Meanwhile a fourth cowboy had been occupied in picking out those cows which belonged to Mr. Sajgato, and in removing their calves, which he drove into the corral, the mothers following them meekly into the fenced enclosure.

  71. He raised his stick twice to strike the cowboy too, and it swished through the air.

  72. Only it seems funny to me," remarked the csikos, "that the cowboy left an hour later than the gentlemen he was meant to guide.

  73. He began to sing, selecting the mocking air with which they are wont to tease the cowherds: "Oh I am the Petri cowboy bold, I guard the herd on the Petri wold.

  74. In most places the gaucho has changed as our own cowboy has changed.

  75. And this cowboy with gray in his thin hair was in reality the great King Fisher!

  76. He was a cowboy who had come up from Texas and had worked at odd times on the range, but who spent most of his time in the town, consuming bad whiskey and occasionally disappeared for a few weeks, and then turned up again.

  77. The more I hear from you boys the sicker I get over the way I'm wasting my young life with foolish cowboy stunts and make believe fights in the pictures.

  78. All this never seemed to bother Cyclone a particle--perhaps his experience as a cowboy may have assisted him to meet the numerous thrills without quailing.

  79. The cowboy turned half round to look at him with a dubious smile.

  80. The cowboy pointed with his hand to a long, low group of buildings that had just come within sight.

  81. I'd put a bounty on all the darn fools that think they can write cowboy stories just because they rode past a roundup once, on a fast train," he growled, reaching for his tobacco sack.

  82. When he had dragged me to the bank he used some rather strong language--a cowboy does hate to wet his rope--and rode off before I had a chance to thank him.

  83. The cowboy from the Flying Arrow looked around cautiously, afraid that he had stepped into a trap laid by the rustlers from the valley of the Creeping Shadows.

  84. The cowboy from the Circle Four unrolled it and brought out a pair of heavy, serviceable socks.

  85. The Circle Four cowboy took the rope off his saddle and deftly slipped a noose around Cook's shoulders.

  86. The Circle Four cowboy mounted his cayuse and turned back to Cook.

  87. The Circle Four cowboy picked up the letter, glanced at it quickly but thoroughly, and slipped it into an inner pocket.

  88. The Flying Arrow cowboy was the first to reach the wounded rustler.

  89. Pat Beals was ahead and the cowboy detectives placed Hack Cook in his hands for safekeeping.

  90. The cowboy from the Flying Arrow and the one from the Circle Four eased their weary bodies down on the blankets and waited for Old Bill to speak.

  91. Slim looked across the fire at Chuck, carefully appraising the cowboy from the Circle Four.

  92. The cowboy detectives rode at a steady pace that ate up miles on the long down trail into the valley.

  93. Lightning responded to his whistle and the cowboy swung into the saddle.

  94. The tall cowboy nodded and walked over and picked up Cook's rifle.

  95. The riders were dressed in conventional cowboy garb, Stetsons, blue shirts with a kerchief caught carelessly around the neck and well worn leather chaps.

  96. The cowboy detective attempted to sit up, and after a painful ordeal, managed to twist his body into a partially upright position.

  97. Curiously enough, every trace of the Western cowboy had gone out of his voice and manner, which were an echo of the voice and manner of the Groton schoolboy whose experience he told.

  98. He rode like a cowboy and carried a cowboy's rope tied to his saddle.

  99. Miss Blake, and advanced, wiping her hand on a white apron tied absurdly over the corduroy trousers and cowboy boots.

  100. Conniston swore himself to secrecy and watched Lonesome Pete with twinkling eyes as the cowboy put his hand deep into the inside pocket of his vest--the left pocket.

  101. At one of them the cowboy whom he had seen at the store was already eating with two of his companions.

  102. The red-headed cowboy was even now going down to the corrals, a vacant look in his blue eyes, the corners of a little volume sticking out of his hip-pocket, his lips moving to unspoken words.

  103. Not long afterward he had the satisfaction of seeing his fellow-cowboy steal through the darkness to whisper good-by to his own horse.

  104. The cowboy lighted a match and let it burn out without applying the flame to his brown paper.

  105. For even when he came to have a strong liking for Lonesome Pete, Conniston could never for a second look upon this illiterate, uncouth cowboy as an equal, could not refrain from feeling toward him an amused and tolerant contempt.

  106. The cowboy let his horses out into a swinging trot; Conniston followed just far enough behind to escape their dust; and the miles slipped swiftly behind them.

  107. When the cowboy and the schoolmistress passed him Lonesome Pete was talking once more and she was being very gracious to him, but Conniston had no eye for such trifles.

  108. Charter a bronco and canter out across the river for an hour, and it will be very plain to you that the romantic West still lives--the West of the cowboy and the bronco and the steer.

  109. A cowboy engaged in the same interesting occupations on a Texas ranch would not be considered a romantic figure by his neighbors.

  110. For example, a cowboy riding a bucking bronco and whirling his lariat under a canvas roof in some sedate Eastern town is properly considered by the spectators to be a romantic figure.

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