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  1. He cradled the blaster on his hip, turned a little away from the officer.

  2. Twice a blaster bolt singed ground within distance close enough to make him wince, but most of the fire carried well above his head.

  3. The gray light had retreated, but though a Throg blaster lay close to his feet, another only a yard beyond, there was no sign of the aliens.

  4. If he had attacked one of the guards, even with his hands bound, he might have flustered the Throg into retaliatory blaster fire.

  5. A blaster bolt cracked, its spiteful, sickly yellow slicing into the nearest tongue of gray.

  6. Shann waited in a half-crouch, his looted blaster covering the man now getting to his feet.

  7. He worked the grip of the blaster under the alien's lax claws and inspected the result with the care of one arranging a special and highly important display.

  8. If the Throgs found a blaster missing, they'd start thinking and looking around.

  9. Shann dropped to the ground, drawing his stunner, knowing at the same moment that such a weapon was about as much use in meeting a blaster as a straw wand would be to ward off a blazing coal.

  10. At the best, he could so delay the guards entrusted with his safekeeping; at the worst, he could earn for himself a quick ending by blaster which would be better than the one they had for him.

  11. It would need a blaster on full power to finish off a hound.

  12. He squirmed under metal hot enough to scorch his jacket and saw the reflection of a second blaster shot which had been fired seconds late.

  13. The thing was not a blaster at all, he realized--only a missile-projector like the big weapons at the farm, utilizing the force of some chemical explosive.

  14. They hesitated as each motioned the other to precede him; then the nobleman followed the general, his blaster drawn, and the brawny slave behind him.

  15. The brush outside impeded him, and he used his blaster to clear a path for himself away from the big sphere, which was now glowing faintly on the outside.

  16. The blaster he concealed under the jacket, and he kept a few other Hundredth Century gadgets; these he would hide somewhere closer to his center of operations.

  17. He loosened the blaster in his holster and started up the long spiral.

  18. Hradzka swung his blaster after them, blasting again and again.

  19. Releasing his grip on the bucket, he tore the blaster or whatever it was from the holster.

  20. For a while, Hradzka was afraid it had spotted him, and was debating the advisability of using his blaster on it.

  21. He blasted at it twice, but without effect; a hand-blaster was only good for a thousand yards at the most.

  22. The blaster would be no use here; it was too powerful, and would destroy the clothing that the man was wearing.

  23. It was imperative that he recover the blaster he had hidden in the hollow tree at the head of the valley.

  24. It was broad daylight when he woke, and there was a strange throbbing sound; Hradzka lay motionless under the brush where he had slept, his blaster ready.

  25. The next morning, having breakfasted on a concentrate capsule, he found a hiding-place for his blaster in a hollow tree.

  26. He set the regulator of the blaster at lowest intensity so that the beam would not clip dangerous flying fragments from the boulders.

  27. The revelation was like the stunning concussion shock of a blaster beam passing two inches overhead.

  28. A man was pointing a blaster pistol at him.

  29. He had seen the man with the blaster pistol before.

  30. Four more blaster cannon are coming down Broadway--" "Why don't they clear those people out of the Square?

  31. I set the screen to throw their blaster beam right back at them.

  32. Far below, the long, gleaming barrel of a blaster cannon caught the dim light filtering down through Newyork's Shell.

  33. Lane could hear the clank of caterpillar treads as the mobile blaster cannon rolled into Tammany Square.

  34. The amplified voice from below said, "The police analogue computer is now hooked directly to the controls of the blaster cannon battery.

  35. He was hurtling across the Square when the blaster cannons opened up.

  36. The Quakelizor parts, communications equipment, and small atomic earth blaster were quickly unloaded and transported to the site by trucks.

  37. He pined for Norah, for Cherokee suppers, Blaster orgies.

  38. Allison had put his hand convenient to his blaster when Calhoun mentioned Texia.

  39. He took Allison's elaborate pocket blaster and threw it away among the monotonous rows of olive-green plants.

  40. I was staring at his hair, almost forgetting about the blaster which I knew it was against the law for him to have at all, when I suddenly got scared right through.

  41. We sat down and I explained the blaster to him.

  42. Short for Alberta, but I haven't found a man who can draw a blaster fast enough to call me that.

  43. He had his blaster out and was cursing very interestingly.

  44. He stepped to one side and, with the same sweeping gesture, holstered his blaster and pushed his green hood off.

  45. When the light came on, I found myself staring up the muzzle of a highly polished blaster and into the cold blue eyes of the biggest man I'd ever seen.

  46. When Butt saw somebody was with me, he jumped and the ten-inch blaster barrel grew out of his fingers.

  47. Behind him came the Captain, holding the blaster gingerly with both hands.

  48. But way I look at it, a man who lets somebody else handle his blaster is like the giant whose heart was in an egg that an enemy found.

  49. Then he shoved the blaster away in a holster made of the same scaly leather, crossed his arms on his chest and began to study me.

  50. I walked up close to where I could see the tiny bright copper coils of the blaster above the firing button.

  51. There was a monstrous hole in the wall behind my desk; a smoking blaster lay on the floor, and I saw the three Ghrynian policemen sitting on the raving Stortulian.

  52. He was wearing the kilt, girdle and ceremonial blaster of his warlike race.

  53. How vulnerable was such a soul-less, mechanical monster to even the shattering-heat-forces of a blaster gun?

  54. A lucky blaster shot would leave a blank trail and a shattered robot for his pursuers to follow.

  55. It--whatever it was--had writhed hideously when the blaster beam drove home.

  56. Newlin's imagination quivered with the possibility of blaster beams thrusting at his back.

  57. Long before then, his career might end suddenly in a wild network of blaster or heat beams.

  58. Crouched in a nest of rubble, he waited for it, blaster gun ready.

  59. Conley boarded the ship, emerging moments later with the specified equipment, as well as a holster and pouch for the blaster and spare powerpack.

  60. A standard target range will do fine for the blaster function.

  61. He took the small, palm-sized blaster from Mulden and slipped it into his tunic.

  62. He looked very unhappy as Ellaby pointed the blaster at him.

  63. It would have taken the guard a moment to reach within his tunic, find the blaster and drag him off to the Academy.

  64. He stood there, too weak to move, while the guard reached inside his tunic, found the blaster taped to his chest, wrenched it loose.

  65. A strange ship, a freighter, was coming in fast, and as he watched, a blue spark winked from her bow as a heavy-duty blaster was activated.

  66. The handcuffs fell from the "prisoner's" wrists; he jerked a neutron-disruption blaster from under his jacket.

  67. She snatched out the tiny blaster in her pocket.

  68. He slipped a blaster into a pocket where it would be handy.

  69. Calhoun put a blaster in his pocket and stood up.

  70. Instantly, Ann Saymer turned to face him, the blaster clasped tightly in her hand.

  71. I mean, bringing a blaster into center-city.

  72. His hand trembled as he jammed the blaster back beneath his belt.

  73. Hunter saw that the blaster dial was set to fire the death charge, not the weaker dispersal charge which produced only an hour's paralysis.

  74. He drew his blaster and took careful aim at the power distribution center.

  75. Suddenly Dawn screamed a warning and leveled her blaster at Eric Young.

  76. Hunter drew his blaster and entered the thickly-carpeted hall, glowing with the soft, pink light of the luminous, Martian stone.

  77. But Hunter again had difficulty because of the blaster in his bag.

  78. And then he saw the body on the floor--the body of the genuine Mrs. Ames, charred by a ragged blaster wound seared through her breast.

  79. To knock him out for that period of time, they must have given him a nearly lethal charge from the blaster calculated just under the limit of physical endurance.

  80. The inspector picked up the worn blaster which lay under Hunter's shipboard uniform.

  81. The blaster slipped from his hand and his knees buckled.

  82. They pushed a blaster into Hunter's hands.

  83. She saw the blaster in Hunter's hand and pushed it aside gently, with a grimace of disapproval.

  84. He left his blaster in his hotel room, to avoid an interrogation at any other metro-entry.

  85. And the order would have been carried out if Calhoun hadn't happen to have his own blaster actually in his hand.

  86. He held the blaster in the only way his tiny paw could manage it.

  87. The low-power blaster must have kept him stunned for minutes.

  88. He had a blaster in his hand, bearing directly upon the greatest and most skillful physician on Tallien Three.

  89. Once he stopped and distastefully restored his blaster to lethal-charge intensity.

  90. He showed the Minister for Health the blaster he'd aimed at Dr.

  91. Calhoun had gone back into the Med Ship and treated the blaster burn on his side.

  92. Calhoun pulled the trigger of his blaster three times.

  93. Before he touched ground the nearer of the two uniformed men seemed to stumble with his blaster halfway drawn.

  94. The blaster jerked, and Murgatroyd's paw tightened to hold it.

  95. The first of them jerked at his blaster in its holster on his hip.

  96. Lett unconscious in his laboratory, knocked out by a low-power blaster bolt.

  97. As Calhoun jerked to get free, that second man stirred His blaster lifted and rasped.

  98. Incredulously, Calhoun saw the blue-white of blaster bolts darting toward him.

  99. The little pellet of ball-lightning grazed Calhoun's side, burning away his uniform down to the skin, just as there was a grating roar of blaster fire.

  100. He reached for the blaster Calhoun had put aside when he changed from the clothes he'd worn in the city.

  101. They went a hundred yards, Mayhem gripping the blaster and advancing by sheer effort of will.

  102. He was waiting in the first low range of hills not four hundred yards from the scout-ship, his blaster ready.

  103. He carried a blaster buckled to his belt.

  104. None of them tried to do anything about Bartock, who had levelled his blaster at Jane Cummings.

  105. The blaster was a precision, aimed weapon, and would do for one at a time.

  106. Thane picked up the blaster and walked over to the parapet.

  107. He thrust the blaster at Astrid, who was still staring at the dead Selan.

  108. Thane bent and took the blaster from the guard's inert fingers.

  109. One of them hit your leg with a blaster as he went down.

  110. One more flash of the blaster and the other occupant tumbled out the other side.

  111. The flash of his blaster was a bright orange in the night air.

  112. He aimed and fired the blaster with his left hand, and thus solved the problem of the sentry.

  113. Astro shuddered and pulled back into the bag, keeping the blaster aimed at the two struggling beasts.

  114. Drop your gun, Corbett," warned Sinclair, "and take that blaster away from him.

  115. Illustration: Astro kept his blaster aimed at the monsters] The big cadet deduced that the snake must have been surprised in its feeding by the tyrannosaurus, and was trying to defend itself.

  116. Tom took the blaster out of Roger's paralyzed hands and dropped it on the floor.

  117. He kept the blaster ready to fire at the slightest movement, but fortunately during the first night he encountered nothing more dangerous than a few furry deerlike animals that scampered behind him off the trail.

  118. The threat of exposing his position to a possible Nationalist patrol prevented him from signaling with the blaster or even from building a fire.

  119. This blaster will knock the scales off any tyranno that you hit," he said, handing the weapon over to Tom who expertly broke it down and examined it.

  120. At the thought he dropped his glasses and pulled his guns--blaster in right hand, air-pistol in left.

  121. His blaster was out now and flaming, for no living enemy remained within needle range.

  122. They advanced steadily and as they drew closer he saw that in the right hand of each Gern soldier was a blaster while in the left hand of each could be seen the metallic glitter of chains.

  123. The barrel of his blaster lashed across the side of her head.

  124. Two blaster beams lanced down from the turrets, to smash at the wall.

  125. The corridor became an inferno of blaster beams that cracked and hissed as they met and crossed, throwing little chips of metal from the walls with snapping sounds and going through flesh with sounds like soft tappings.

  126. A space battle is one of trying to keep your blaster beams long enough on one area of the enemy ship to break through its blaster shields at that point.

  127. Thomsen and Barber were dead and Billy West was bracing himself against the wall with a blaster hole through his stomach, trying to say something and sliding to the floor before it was ever spoken.

  128. Fenrir, in his fury, killed two of them as Lake's blaster and his own killed three more.

  129. He took the blaster from his belt and laid it on the ground.

  130. A blaster beam cut into them and a Gern shouted, "The natives!

  131. The commander was suddenly alone, his blaster half lifted.

  132. He scooped up a blaster from beside a fallen Gern and ran toward it.

  133. It was something the prowlers had been taught in their training and Fenrir's teeth clicked short of the commander's throat while his paw sent the blaster spinning across the room.

  134. The warning siren stopped as the blaster beams of the battleship went harmlessly into space, continuing to follow the probability course plotted from the cruiser's last visible position and course by the battleship's robot target tracers.

  135. But a man named Schrader, on Venus, had killed a Gern with his own blaster and then disappeared with both infuriated Gerns and Gern-intimidated Venusian police in pursuit.

  136. Blaster in hand, he'd made the Nadine take off from Coryus III with a trip-tape picked at random for guidance.

  137. Perhaps he shared Hallet's blank disbelief that one could pull the trigger of a blaster and have nothing at all happen in consequence.

  138. Standing behind Moran, he thrust a hand-blaster past Moran's body and pulled the trigger.

  139. Moran hung by one hand and used his free hand to fire the blaster once more.

  140. You gave me an inkling, so while he was packing bessendium between the hulls, and had his space-suit hanging in the airlock, I doctored the blaster in the space-suit pocket.

  141. The blaster would have killed a man at this distance, though it would have been ignored by a chitin-armored beetle.

  142. Blekeke frowned and pointed the blaster at my chest.

  143. His hand on the blaster relaxed enough so that I could breath.

  144. Then the scene was gone; the lights in the room glowed; Blekeke was pointing the blaster at me.

  145. The blaster dropped from his hand, and he crumpled into a trembling, twitching, sobbing lump on the ground.

  146. Blekeke was walking stiffly, slowly, keeping the blaster pointed at us, making a visible effort not to turn around.

  147. Jellico sighted coolly with his blaster as a second bull, fighting mad, tore from the jungle and pounded at them.

  148. There had been no further attack from the blaster wielder; perhaps he was only trying to pin them down where they were.

  149. Also, here is another blaster for our use.

  150. The second bull yelped with an almost canine complaint as Jellico's blaster caught it head-on.

  151. Every one of the poachers was armed with a Patrol blaster of the latest type, and a small part of his mind speculated as to what would be the result of that information conveyed to official quarters.

  152. The crackle of blaster fire, the shrill whine of needlers in action, raised a bedlam from the other end of the camp.

  153. Needler and blaster fired together again, and then Jellico swung over the cliff rim.

  154. He saw the lash of blaster fire on the top of the cliff, Tau on his knees on the first of their chain of steppingstones, and a graz sprawled head and forequarters in the sucking muck where it had dived past the two defenders above.

  155. At the moment the blaster raised a sledgehammer, the door opened suddenly.

  156. The big blaster did it all," said another; "the true Wolves wash their hands of him.

  157. He wasted one blaster charge after it, but missed focus by yards.

  158. It was pointless, wanton waste of heat-blaster ammunition.

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