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  1. I bought this particular soaring glider more than a year ago, and I've put almost a thousand hours in it.

  2. The glider behind held it to a speed of sixty miles or so.

  3. A single-engined sports plane was attached to the glider by a fifty-foot nylon rope.

  4. A really high performance glider can have a ratio of as much as one to forty.

  5. He liked the buoyance of glider flying, the nearest approach of man to the bird, and thus far everything was going well.

  6. He told Max, "An airplane plows through the air currents, a glider rides on top of them.

  7. Using this glider as a reconnaissance aircraft.

  8. While I was rolling my eyes and clawing for a foothold he confessed that he was the best glider in college.

  9. At dawn on Monday they loaded the glider upon a wagon and galloped with it out to a forty-foot hill.

  10. With this counter-balancing weight, the glider righted.

  11. This form of glider will also right itself, if dropped from a height, nose downward, as shown in Fig.

  12. Illustration] How to Make a Monoplane Glider By William Grotzinger A simple glider of the monoplane type can be easily constructed in a small workshop; the cost of materials is not great and the building does not require skilled workmen.

  13. Thompson The usual paper glider shaped as shown in Fig.

  14. Illustration: Ordinary Paper Glider and the Manner of Throwing It to Make the Different Flights (Fig.

  15. The wire used for trussing all the parts throughout the glider is piano wire, 16 gauge.

  16. Gliding Take the glider to the top of a hill, step into the center of the main frame just a little back of the center of the wings.

  17. The upper and lower bracing wires for the wings are attached with snaps and rings so that the glider can be easily taken apart.

  18. It is best not to use the glider in a wind greater than 30 miles an hour.

  19. To make the glider loop, the rear corners of the wings should be turned up at right angles, as in Fig.

  20. Illustration: Monoplane Glider in Flight] Construction The first part to make is the main frame A which is constructed of the four bamboo poles.

  21. For a corkscrew flight the glider is prepared as in Fig.

  22. The glider could be loaded up, hitched to an airplane, and go from New York to any point west.

  23. The fellow who held the glider record until Lindy took it away from him--but that's later.

  24. Now, I wonder what Mr Glider would say if he knowed," continued the gardener, as he thoughtfully turned the key, and went slowly back towards the house.

  25. Bound to say if it had been Mr Glider he'd ha' made it half-a-crown.

  26. Now with the back pull relaxed, the glider shot upward and forward like a stone hurled from a catapult.

  27. In the days of his old glider experiments, Hal had found for himself that winds are generally prevalent over waters, and that hills make rising currents one can soar upon.

  28. She stood there, a hand resting on the glider wing.

  29. A whole sheet ragged up on a hawthorn bush where Glider Number One went gefluey in a gulley and spilled Hal for a row of head wallops.

  30. Looky here, see that sort of spring, set there where the glider rests on its skid?

  31. The glider and its escort had about reached the crest of the hill now.

  32. He's sailed all over the country on a glider he made himself," broke in the reporter.

  33. Break out the glider chutes," he called back over his shoulder.

  34. Illustration: The chute billowed out as he hit the ground, and he pulled hard at the cords to get his footing] Then the small chute billowed and pulled out glider wings.

  35. Sometimes, when struck by a gust, his glider would heel and assume a dangerous position in the air such as is illustrated in Fig.

  36. The Wrights were, indeed, astonished at the celerity with which the glider responded to the fore-plane.

  37. Then they took the glider to the sand-hills.

  38. Upon the first day of their trials the wind was blowing at nearly 30 miles an hour, and they allowed the glider to rise as a kite.

  39. In Lilienthal's glider the load was the weight of his own body, and he learned to move this when wind-gusts struck his craft.

  40. Now he sought longer and bolder flight; and so he and his brother discussed the building of an engine which might propel a glider through the air.

  41. So, when he had his glider built, he made no wild nor dangerous tests.

  42. They saw, of course, that when their glider lurched to one side or the other, they would need some power to tilt it back again.

  43. Their first glider was a biplane, with 165 square feet of lifting surface, as illustrated in Fig.

  44. You dreamed up that fancy glider gimmick and sold it to old Baron Haer.

  45. The foe glider slid away quickly, losing precious altitude in the maneuver.

  46. He shifted his hand on the stick, gently, and the glider which had been sliding along on its single wheel, lifted ever so gently into the air.

  47. By utilizing that confounded glider of yours as a reconnaissance craft, you revolutionized present warfare, major.

  48. All they would be able to see would be the other glider falling.

  49. His Category Communications superiors had not even charged him for the cost of the equipment he had jettisoned from the glider during the flight, nor that which had been destroyed in the crash.

  50. When you started this new glider angle, they must've seen the possibilities and took it up immediately.

  51. Max Mainz ran to the tip of one wing, lifting it from the ground and steadying the glider until forward motion gave direction and buoyancy.

  52. That trick of yours with the glider cost me a pretty penny.

  53. Listen, were you able to find out who either of General McCord's glider pilots are?

  54. The powered aircraft which would tow Joe Mauser's glider to a suitable altitude preliminary to his riding the air currents, as a bird rides them, could also haul him to a point just short of the military reservation's border.

  55. You first used your glider in that fracas for father and Vacuum Tube Transport.

  56. But it would be unjust to claim for them entire priority in the field of the glider and the heavier-than-air machine.

  57. After years of tests with models, and with kites controlled from the ground, the brothers had worked out a type of glider which they believed, in a wind of from eighteen to twenty miles an hour, would lift and carry a man.

  58. One small cardboard Model Glider with descriptive illustrated book showing how to make and fly them.

  59. N) In a balanced glider for stability a separate surface at a negative angle to the line of flight is essential.

  60. Further corroboration of the tables was obtained in experiments with the new glider at Kill Devil Hill the next season.

  61. Their first efforts were made with a glider fitted with elevation planes and after having developed the balancing instinct they installed a gasoline motor in the glider and this drove two propellers at the rear of the machine.

  62. When he thought he had gained sufficient momentum he jumped into the air, and the wings of the glider bore him through the air to the base of the mound.

  63. While making a flight his glider was overturned, and the unfortunate "birdman" was dashed to death.

  64. The first "birdman" to use a glider in this country was Mr. Percy Pilcher who carried out his experiments at Cardross in Scotland.

  65. It must not be imagined that as soon as the Wrights had constructed a glider fitted with this clever system of controlling mechanism they could fly when and where they liked.

  66. At a height of but two miles, in the turbulent atmosphere, the glider was brought slowly home.

  67. Quickly the power was applied till the machines sank rapidly to the warmer levels, the only governing factor being the tendency of the glider to break loose from the grip of the magnet.

  68. Frantically Arcot warned them away, lest the air blast from their props tear the glider from the magnet.

  69. The air resistance of the glider forced them to go slowly; they could not average much better than six hundred an hour despite the fact that the speed of either machine alone was over twelve hundred miles an hour.

  70. The return trip was necessarily in the lower level of the atmosphere, that the glider might be kept reasonably warm.

  71. The glider could hang above the ship, then dive down upon it as it passed beneath.

  72. I am going to put the thing into a nose dive and let the glider go down itself.

  73. The glider is usually so made that in carrying it, preparatory to making the run and the leap required to glide, it is held so that it balances in the hands.

  74. The sensation in a glider while in flight is unlike any other experience.

  75. When in a glider quick thinking is necessary.

  76. Gliding Flight One of the Uses of Glider Experiments.

  77. Pilcher was then contemplating; so that the glider carried some 225 lbs.

  78. Archdeacon constructed a glider in box-kite fashion, and Voisin experimented with it on the Seine, the glider being towed by a motorboat to attain the necessary speed.

  79. At the conclusion of his experiments he decided that neither the multiple plane nor the biplane type of glider was sufficiently perfected for the application of motive power.

  80. Later experiments proved that the biplane type of glider gave better results than the rather cumbrous model consisting of five tiers of planes.

  81. It was in 1895 that Lilienthal passed from experiment with the monoplane type of glider to the construction of a biplane glider which, according to his own account, gave better results than his previous machines.

  82. Unfortunately, very few photographs were taken of the work in the first year, but one view of a multiple wing-glider survives, showing the machine in flight.

  83. Bleriot was carrying out experiments with a biplane glider on the Seine, and Robert Esnault-Pelterie was working on the lines of the Wright Brothers, bringing American practice to France.

  84. In a way, Louis Bleriot ranks before Farman in point of time; his first flapping-wing model was built as early as 1900, and Voisin flew a biplane glider of his on the Seine in the very early experimental days.

  85. With this glider they went in the summer of I 1900 to the little settlement of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, situated on the strip of land dividing Albemarle Sound from the Atlantic.

  86. These ribs were bolted down to the triangle at their roots, and could be easily folded back on to the body when the glider was not in use.

  87. Chanute had all the practicality of an American; he began his work, so far as actual gliding was concerned, with a full-sized glider of the Lilienthal type, just before Lilienthal was killed.

  88. This they built in the form of a biplane glider and with it they experimented industriously for years.

  89. He would run along the crest of a hill, jump from a precipitous declivity and sail on the wings of his glider over the valley below, guiding his course up and down and from side to side with a rudder attached to the machine.

  90. It was found that the glider with two planes, the biplane, was most satisfactory.

  91. It was his idea that the problem of aviation was to be solved by perfecting the glider so that it could be controlled in its downward flight and then adding a propelling power that would sustain it and lift it through the air.

  92. They tried at first a monoplane glider and afterward one of five planes.

  93. When raised to catch the wind it gave the glider an upward motion which carried it into the air, bringing the large planes to an angle with the wind where they could continue the climbing process.

  94. His glider had not the motive power to drive it against the breeze with sufficient velocity to send it up into the air, and his wings were but crude imitations of the wonderful mechanism on which the bird soars into the sky.

  95. A glider is simply an airplane without an engine, and Lilienthal succeeded in giving it a certain motive power by starting from a high point, so that the force of gravity could draw him forward and downward.

  96. Chanute, a Frenchman, now devised a biplane glider with which he succeeded in making brief flights of a few seconds.

  97. He ordered built for him a glider of his own design for this particular purpose.

  98. Pilcher adopted an even more original scheme for making his glider "go.

  99. Adding weight at the front of the glider is not the only way of doing this: perhaps the reader has already thought of another.

  100. Imitating this method, the Wright brothers constructed the planes of their glider in such a manner that a cord fastened to the rear sections of each plane could be pulled to draw the rear edge downward.

  101. On his huge winged glider he floated calmly over the heads of the astounded multitude, often landing far behind them in the fields.

  102. Their glider was too large to be operated with the arms as Lilienthal's had been, and so they had to devise some new method for controlling and balancing it in the air.

  103. The whole problem of balancing a glider or an airplane is simply this one of making the center of weight coincide with the center of the supporting air pressure.

  104. In the summer of 1906 he flew with his glider successfully very short distances.

  105. He actually succeeded in soaring short distances, and after a series of efforts he acquired a fair amount of skill in the use of his glider apparatus.

  106. We have seen in our brief study that the method of obtaining balance in a glider or an airplane is to see that its center of weight coincides with the center of the upward pressure of air.

  107. One was the elevating plane by means of which an upward or downward motion of the glider was obtained.

  108. In 1896 an Australian, Hargrave, experimented with kites in order to discover a glider form which possessed both lifting power and stability.

  109. Yet Glider must have been long enough in prison to size up the dead man yonder--a work of some time, I fancy.

  110. Now, how was it Glider gave his secret away to the man in yonder cabin?

  111. We may assume, therefore, that Glider had trusted a man no one would expect him to trust.

  112. They felt it was strange that Glider should have confided in him, and could only find an explanation by supposing that Glider had sized him up and taken his chance for the sake of the missus.

  113. The rascals who have given us an uncomfortable night evidently believed that the man they called Glider had told the truth; more, they had already put the job down to him, you will remember.

  114. Now, Glider could not have been in Portland long.

  115. Come to think of it, it's strange Glider should have made a confidant of him," said the other.

  116. And suddenly, as the propeller began to spin, in the instant the Glider started in its rush down the guides, Daunt was aware that some one had darted through the doors.

  117. There was a tearing, splintering complaint of canvas and bamboo; the Glider seemed to stop, to tremble, then leaped on.

  118. He was too high; he leaned over the mass of levers and the Glider slid down a long, steep descent, till in the starlight he could see the blue-gray blur of roofs, the massed shadows of little parks of trees.

  119. The Glider throbbed and sang like a thing alive, and the hum of the propeller shrilled into a scream.

  120. The Glider had almost touched the sea--for a heartbreaking instant he thought it could never rise.

  121. I have a little Japanese house in Aoyama that I leased as a place to work on my Glider models, but I don't use it now, and it's fairly well furnished.

  122. An icy blast seemed to shoot past the Glider into the zenith.

  123. What of the long hours of toil and experiment, the gray mornings on Aoyama parade-ground when his Glider had carried him circling above the tree-tops?

  124. Since then the Glider experiments had lent an added zest.

  125. But the Glider hung a moment and righted.

  126. He must strike the machine with the body of the Glider or with the grapnel.

  127. It was this extra weight that had sent the Glider reeling prow-up--had made it unresponsive to control.

  128. We have to amuse one another, and the Glider is by way of contributing my share of the entertainment.

  129. Foulet, and I knew he was thinking of that glider that rose from the roof-tops of Constantinople.

  130. A few years later the death of Lilienthal, who was killed by a fall with his glider in Germany, stirred them, and they took up the problem in earnest.

  131. Before attempting to use a motor and propeller, the Wrights learned to control the glider perfectly.

  132. They soon built a glider of their own, and experimented with it each summer on the huge sand-dunes of the North Carolina coast.

  133. A glider is an aeroplane without a propeller.

  134. The laden glider is then taken aloft by means of an airship, and in the concealment of the clouds is released, the rudder being so set as to ensure a gradual vol-plane towards the suspicious position below.

  135. The decoy glider is generally accompanied by one or two aeroplanes under control, which keep under the cover of the clouds until the hostile aviators have been drawn into the air, when they swoop down to the attack.

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